Hapa Collaborative assisted the City of Richmond with the integration of a new stormwater pump station at the west end of Williams Road at the West Dyke Trail. With support from the City of Richmond’s Parks and Recreation department, Hapa developed a series of landscape design concepts to address several site constraints including the raising of the dyke, pedestrian and universal access and trailhead design, and replacement of areas of habitat planting and enhancement. The preferred landscape design concept, includes a renovated trailhead and seating area overlooking the Sturgeon Banks, as well as an interpretive design in the hard landscape that symbolizes the movement of water from urban stormwater systems to the natural environment. The pump discharges stormwater over a display ‘table’ that displays water in an alluvial pattern, diffusing its energy and interpretating the pump station’s purpose.
Landscape Architect
Aplin & Martin Consultants Ltd., Barnet Dembek Architects
City of Richmond

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