The redevelopment of the Vancouver Art Gallery North Plaza is a rare and exciting opportunity for the city. Located at the heart of the City’s downtown, it has enormous potential to become the premier public gathering space for the citizens of and visitors to Vancouver. Our core team is comprised of Nick Milkovich Architects, Hapa Collaborative and Matthew Soules Architecture.

The team’s efforts are underpinned by six principles: putting people before things; advance social infrastructure; work at a range of scales; ask questions; advance democracy; and reach excellence through efficiency and agility.

From the ancient acropolis to the 21st Century cosmopolis, the primary characteristic of a great plaza has remained constant: vibrant public activity.
What is the fundamental ingredient of this activity? It’s not fancy architectural form. It’s not expensive materials. Quite simply, it’s people. Our approach re-orients design away from an emphasis on the inanimate physical characteristics of form and material to one devoted primarily to the means of enlivening space with social vibrancy. The design will be driven first and foremost by program to create a plaza that is alive.

Landscape Architect
Nick Milkovich Architects, Matthew Soules Architecture
City of Vancouver
Projected End of October 2017
Ema Peter Photography