The 5500 square foot University of British Columbia Bookstore expansion project adds retail space to the bookstore as well as a café and convenience store. The challenge associated with this project was to create a better relationship between the bookstore and the exterior public realm at the heart of the campus. The previous building entrance was a sunken courtyard which was dark and cut off from the surrounding landscape. Hapa worked with the architects, the Office of Macfarlane Biggar, to give the bookstore a new presence on the corner, and to seamlessly integrate the exterior public space with both the interior social spaces and the campus. Our main goals were to: create a distinct indoor/outdoor place, which is a destination, while also accommodating through traffic; fit the bookstore landscape into the context of the campus landscape; reinforce and understand scale to create a space which is comfortable when full or empty; and facilitate program to enliven the space through special events and everyday activity.
Landscape Architect
Office of Macfarlane Biggar Architects
University of British Columbia Properties Trust

Bookstore 1

Bookstore 2
Bookstore 4
Bookstore 3