The City of Richmond is re-purposing a 3.7 km long stretch of the old Interurban Tram line, that ran between 1912 to 1958 from Vancouver to Richmond, into a multi-use trail. Our task was to reveal and celebrate the history of the Interurban line in an integrated open space master plan connected to the larger urban trail system.
Hapa and the City of Richmond engaged stakeholders, local residents and community groups in a creative public process. Hapa facilitated community mapping exercises at each of the public open houses allowing participants to tell stories of the Interurban experience, input local knowledge and share ideas creating a sense of ownership. As a result of a successful public consultation process, a well-defined corridor that promotes walking, cycling, play and social interaction and captures the essence of the Interurban experience began construction in 2013. The phased master plan will serve as a platform for implementation of the community’s future vision for the corridor.
Landscape Architect, Facilitator
Public Architecture + Communications
Denise Cook
City of Richmond
2013 – Phase 1

Railway Corridor - 15

Railway Corridor - 16