Newton Athletic Park is a major community level park serving the majority of athletic field needs for the Newton community in Surrey. The park is envisioned as “Soccer City” with capacity to host large tournaments and promote the sport of soccer in the region. Over the past 10 years the City has acquired additional land to address the need for expansion of the athletic facilities and improve the functionality of the park.
Hapa and the consultant team are currently working with the City of Surrey to diversify the range of amenities, open spaces and facilities within the park to meet the needs of a growing community. Our ‘big picture’ approach to the site has led to rethinking the entrances and traffic circulation creating an unambiguous, memorable and safe arrival experience. The detailed design will integrate playful and interactive elements within the formal geometry of the site including a walking circuit, passive recreation space, children’s play areas, public washroom building and a large covered picnic shelter.
Landscape Architect
Aplin Martin, Public Architecture, Bunt & Associates Engineering
City of Surrey


I:20131313 Newton Athletic ParkDrawings2013.11.28_Landscape

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