Hapa and Vancouver Parks Board developed Sun Hop Park (formerly known as Mid-Main Park) on a vestigial site where Main bends at 18th Avenue. Working with the Mount Pleasant community, Hapa designed a park that provides a social hotspot on the Main Street promenade, integrates sustainable principles of tree protection and stormwater management, while acknowledging the history of the site. The park includes ample fixed and movable seating, a small mounded lawn, drought tolerant shade planting, and pervious paving that collects water into an infiltration gallery. The site signature is the bendy-straw trellis, a whimsical reference to the former Palm Dairy milk bar that occupied the site from 1952-1989. In May 2017, the Vancouver Park Board recommended the namesake, derived from a Chinese grocer firm that operated nearby in 1923.
Prime Consultant, Landscape Architect
Equilibrium Consulting Inc.
Watanabe Engineering
Aplin Martin
Consultants ltd.
Vancouver Board of Parks and Recreation
Kristopher Grunert, Hapa Collaborative

Mid Main Park on Car Free Day