Hapa’s entry “Darn It” proposed darning the weave of the Eastern Core’s frayed streets with three critical bicycle and pedestrian bridges, catalyzing a reconnected Core area.

Hapa devised a simple and elegant solution for the eastern industrial core of Vancouver False Creek basin, darning together a network that re-engages the Eastern Core with its surrounding neighbourhoods. Here, areas once inaccessible, severed by fences, rails and roads with delightfully rough, weedy and unpolished peculiarities- are opened, emphasized, revealed and celebrated. Resulting from a few modest but incisive stitches, the Eastern Core becomes the unifying element and not the barrier, the connective tissue between neighbourhoods and edges. While the Core’s industrial heritage, utility and rambunctious landscape are retained, the change gives new life to under utilized vacant and leftover lands, and integrates a new gateway landscape, habitat corridors, places for green collar industry, and events and activities.

Winner, Jurors’ Prize Connecting the Core
City of Vancouver Planning

terminal ave

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food alley

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