The history of settlement in the northwest has long referenced the term corduroy roads, describing the use of rough cut planks or logs laid side to side, running perpendicular to the roads direction.

Our vision for the temporary installation on the 800 block of Robson Street was to make reference to a past condition, an often interim solution before a final goal, and to highlight this state of transition. The use of simple planks and is a direct material connection to the past, while the ability of the material to bridge the road represents a potential future condition. The playful configuration of the decking creates uniform, curbless connections across the road, while the uniquely colored benches creating informal seating, vantage points and a new form of public realm. 

Prime Consultant, Landscape Architect
Fricia Construction
Viva Vancouver

Corduroy Road 1

Corduroy Road 2

Corduroy Road 3

Corduroy Road 5
Corduroy Road 6

Corduroy Road 7
Corduroy Road 8

Corduroy Road 10
Corduroy Road 11
Corduroy Road 12