As part of the redesign of the Vancouver Art Gallery North Plaza, Hapa was retained by the City of Vancouver to envision a plaza design for the 800 block of Robson Street. An integral part of Robson Square, this important civic space works in conjunction with other public and private spaces within three blocks.

We initiated the project with a highly visible temporary installation that doubled as a public call to action & engagement piece in collaboration with COV. Engagement sessions established a wider vision for the new plaza and included a series of on location open houses, a Talk Vancouver online survey, and meeting with several stakeholders and members of the original architectural design team for Robson Square. A common set of design principles and rationale emerged, which includes: leveling the street; treating the ends of the block; transforming the lead in blocks; and other strategies to enhance the experience of the plaza and provide more opportunities for events, and daily enjoyment.

Landscape Architect and Urban Designer
City of Vancouver
Nick Milkovich Architects
Studio Parsons

800 Block Robson Street

ARCH D 800 Block

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