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2016 Vancouver Urban Design Awards – Mid Main Park!

We are excited to announce Mid Main Park took home the award for Urban Elements in the 2016 Vancouver Urban Design awards!

“We recognized the following projects for their outstanding contribution to visionary thinking and design excellence.”

A big thank you to the Vancouver Board of Parks and Recreation, Equilibrium Consulting Ltd, Watanabe Engineering Ltd and Aplin & Martin Consultants Ltd in their efforts with Mid Main Park.

Congratulations to all the other winners!  What a great event, held every 2 years by the City of Vancouver, 2nd year running!



Edgy Metro Vancouver playgrounds attract kids from far and wide

Terra Nova is the place to be…for kids! Terra Nova steals the show again…check out the Vancovuer Sun Video!

Edgy Metro Vancouver playgrounds attract kids from far and wide

West Park Richmond

Nell and Joe have been overseeing the pouring of the slough wall at West Park in Richmond’s Tait neighbourhood, where No. 4 Road meets the north arm of the Fraser River.  The wall is a tracing of the original location of Slough, as mapped by Dr. Lionel Ham, see an excerpt of one of his maps below.  The wall is fabricated from three separate pours of coloured concrete to create a sedimentary  profile on the vertical face, and the wall alignment follows the outline of the slough’s direction, connecting the street to the river through the park.  The crew with Western Watershed have done a great job building tight radiused forms, placing very dry, low-slump concrete and finishing the edges crisply.  The result:  a few deeply honeycombed patches, but a nice crisp line between colours.  We expect the colour to fade over time.

Birds Eye View of Terra Nova Adventure Play Environment

Ever wonder what it looks like from up top.  Wonder no more!  Pretty cool to see the the playground as a whole.

Professor James Hitchmough Lecture in Vancouver Feb 19th, 2015

Hapa is excited to sponsor a great evening of learning on Feb 19th, 2015, 7:30 to 9:30 at Vancouver Special located at 3612 Main Street.

“James Hitchmough’s research has explored how to design, construct and manage nature-like vegetation and, secondly, to identify what are the key elements that allow this vegetation to be seen as a positive by urban people. This research and that of other urban ecological researchers in the world is increasingly showing that the needs of people and the needs of the invertebrates and vertebrates that live in designed vegetation have much more in common than has traditionally been believed; win:win situations are really possible.

 James continues to road test his research through application to practice. In the UK he has recently implemented the first phase of a 15ha project with the Royal Horticultural Society known as the “Big Sky Meadows”, and is in the process of applying his ideas in many other countries.”

For ticket information visit

Missing: One of the ten little Rabbits. Reward if found!

Maurice Sendak, we found one of your ten little rabbits at Williams pump station.  To learn more about the project click here!


Williams Rd - 9


SFU Rise Competition – “PILE-UP”


RISE is an open ideas competition addressing sea level rise in Metro Vancouver. It’s a way for anyone in our diverse community to develop innovative ideas that will help us to adapt and thrive – faster than the waters that surround us.

Working with Colin Kristiansen from KWL and Nick Page from Raincoast Applied Ecology, the Hapa team put together and submitted the “Pile-up” and made it to the Top 10!

“Pile-Up: A simple, geomorphic response to sea level rise. Our approach relies on natural processes, proven skills and a familiar palette. We propose to lay down simple, local materials where the land meets the sea. The result will be calmer waters, better habitat for plants and animals, and an enriched coastal experience for all who live and visit there.”

Learn more about our submission here!  #riseideas

Pile up

First-ever City of Vancouver Urban Design Awards, winners are now posted!

Joe was very grateful to be invited to be a juror for the City of Vancouver’s inaugural Urban Design Awards, recently handed out at Van Dusen Gardens this past week.  Joe joined Greg Bellerby, David Dove and Peter Wreglesworth  while city planner Patrick O’Sullivan (left) guided our jury through a full day of deliberations and kept us on track, focused and energized.    It was a pleasure to review such a high calibre of work in all the submissions, but in particular the winning projects that excelled on many levels.

All the winners are now posted on the City of Vancouver’s website at


Whistler Neighbourhood Improvement Project = field trips to Whistler!

3DS, Hapa, and Dennis Boyle have been chosen to work on the Whistler Neighbourhood Improvements project. The objective to this project is to create memorable landmarks, amplifying and clarifying the pedestrian experience in Whistler for locals and tourists.  A series of sculptural gateposts are placed at entrances and thresholds throughout the village.

On Monday, the team took a field trip up to Whistler with actual sized mock ups and wheeled them around to test various locations.  The mock ups are cardboard and they look great, I’m excited to see the final product!  Keep an eye out for these landmarks coming soon to Whistler and let us know what you think!

The objects will be made out of ‘folded’ sheets of Corten and an interior translucent polycarbonate sign panel with an embedded graphic image to create a 3-d element that can be viewed at all angles.



Vancouver home takes a new approach to sustainable design.

Once a derelict, home now a energy star qualified home turning heads with it’s sustainable approach to design.

Picture taken from global and mail, photo credit: Ema Peter Photgraphy

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