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Terra Nova in Extraordinary Playscapes Exhibition by Design Museum Boston

Terra Nova Play Experience is one of many Extraordinary Playscapes from around the world currently part of an exhibition at the Design Museum Boston.

The exhibition is open in Boston until September 5th, 2016, after which it will visit the west coast in Portland, Oregon.

For the exhibition, Hapa created Playbook: Designing Terra Nova Play Experience – a book documenting the design process of the playground from public consultation, to models and renderings, and finally, construction.

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Hapa at the Museum of Vancouver – Your Future Home Exhibition

Two weeks ago, the newest exhibition at the Museum of Vancouver called Your Future Home opened to the public. The exhibition features speculative projects by various Vancouver designers and thinkers: including Hapa Collaborative! The themes that participants were asked to address are affordability, accessibility, density, and public space. Can you guess which one ours fits under?

Our office had a lot of fun creating and “performing” with Vancouver’s Smallest Public Space – a mobile miniature public space we constructed and towed around the city to occupy underused public spaces.

We hope you have a chance to check it out before it closes on May 15.

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