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Edgy Metro Vancouver playgrounds attract kids from far and wide

Terra Nova is the place to be…for kids! Terra Nova steals the show again…check out the Vancovuer Sun Video!

Edgy Metro Vancouver playgrounds attract kids from far and wide

West Park Richmond

Nell and Joe have been overseeing the pouring of the slough wall at West Park in Richmond’s Tait neighbourhood, where No. 4 Road meets the north arm of the Fraser River.  The wall is a tracing of the original location of Slough, as mapped by Dr. Lionel Ham, see an excerpt of one of his maps below.  The wall is fabricated from three separate pours of coloured concrete to create a sedimentary  profile on the vertical face, and the wall alignment follows the outline of the slough’s direction, connecting the street to the river through the park.  The crew with Western Watershed have done a great job building tight radiused forms, placing very dry, low-slump concrete and finishing the edges crisply.  The result:  a few deeply honeycombed patches, but a nice crisp line between colours.  We expect the colour to fade over time.

Market Lane . . . Pumped Up!

Our colleague Art Lierman, landscape architect for the Market Lane project in London, was downtown for Nuit Blanche and happened upon Market Lane, fully amped up for the event, with the Fanshawe College roll-away frontage (left side of image) open onto the lane, we think for the first time ever.  The DJ was playing from the indoor/outdoor space, and had linked the light canopy to pulse with the beat of his tracks. Needless to say, lots of energy and a great vibe in the lane, exactly what we were hoping for from the beginning.  We’re hopeful that we see more programming and events at Market Lane – by Fanshawe or the City – in the future!  Thanks Art for sending the photos!


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