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SFU Rise Competition – “PILE-UP”


RISE is an open ideas competition addressing sea level rise in Metro Vancouver. It’s a way for anyone in our diverse community to develop innovative ideas that will help us to adapt and thrive – faster than the waters that surround us.

Working with Colin Kristiansen from KWL and Nick Page from Raincoast Applied Ecology, the Hapa team put together and submitted the “Pile-up” and made it to the Top 10!

“Pile-Up: A simple, geomorphic response to sea level rise. Our approach relies on natural processes, proven skills and a familiar palette. We propose to lay down simple, local materials where the land meets the sea. The result will be calmer waters, better habitat for plants and animals, and an enriched coastal experience for all who live and visit there.”

Learn more about our submission here!  #riseideas

Pile up

Hapa’s new look

As most of you know Hapa has adopted a new look a few months ago, new logo, cards and website.  Thanks to Nanda at Lake Visual Communication we love it!

Learn more bout the branding process here:

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