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Field Trip Friday – Landscape Stone Supply

Today, Hapsters caught some afternoon sun at Landscape Stone Supply in Burnaby. Diane showed us around as it was many of our first time there. We saw a wide variety of pavers, stepping stones, cobble, treads, boulders, furnishings, and statues. Some of the more interesting moments included a mysterious giant pinkish rock from China, and discovering some beautiful green-hued local Squamish stone. Next stop: the Squamish stone quarry?

Whistler Neighbourhood Improvement Project = field trips to Whistler!

3DS, Hapa, and Dennis Boyle have been chosen to work on the Whistler Neighbourhood Improvements project. The objective to this project is to create memorable landmarks, amplifying and clarifying the pedestrian experience in Whistler for locals and tourists.  A series of sculptural gateposts are placed at entrances and thresholds throughout the village.

On Monday, the team took a field trip up to Whistler with actual sized mock ups and wheeled them around to test various locations.  The mock ups are cardboard and they look great, I’m excited to see the final product!  Keep an eye out for these landmarks coming soon to Whistler and let us know what you think!

The objects will be made out of ‘folded’ sheets of Corten and an interior translucent polycarbonate sign panel with an embedded graphic image to create a 3-d element that can be viewed at all angles.



Hapa turns 5…anniversary party!

In 2009, Hapa Collaborative started out as a small design practice with a lot of big ideas.  Five years later we are happy to say that many of those aspirations have come true.  We have grown to a studio of eleven talented people in a great shared office space, and we are privileged to be involved in a wide range of significant public plazas, park spaces, waterfronts, and residential developments throughout the Lower Mainland and beyond.  We feel very fortunate to be associated with all the people who have helped us get to this place.  Thank you for all the support!


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