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Hillcrest Riley Parks

Richmond Railway Corridor

Tossed Salad

Cathedral Boardwalk Trail

“Darn It” – re:Connect Open Ideas Competition

Sky Dam

Edgemont Village Design Guidelines

Park It – “Hang Out”

Hapa Collaborative is a landscape architecture and urban design practice established with placemaking, attentiveness and collaboration in mind.

We see each project as an opportunity to partner, dream big and synthesize ideas wrought from many, often opposing, influences.  Our goal is to evoke the poetry of the place and in doing so reveal something delightful but perhaps previously unseen.  Most of all, we consider Hapa to be a contemporary voice for landscape architecture and a small, agile and fresh alternative to traditional firms.

Hapa Collaborative works within the full breadth of scales from master plans to pocket parks, civic spaces to private residences, streetscapes to green roofs.  However we specifically enjoy addressing the leftover spaces between buildings, applying the principles of landscape urbanism to city-building, site design and community consultation. We like to explore new methods and materials, forge new relationships and ultimately create places that people remember.


Terra Nova Slide Installation

The new Kaiser & Kuhne slide was installed at Terra Nova Park in Richmond this week. Kids and grown ups are both excited for the park to open later this year!

Field Trip Friday – Landscape Stone Supply

Today, Hapsters caught some afternoon sun at Landscape Stone Supply in Burnaby. Diane showed us around as it was many of our first time there. We saw a wide variety of pavers, stepping stones, cobble, treads, boulders, furnishings, and statues. Some of the more interesting moments included a mysterious giant pinkish rock from China, and discovering some beautiful green-hued local Squamish stone. Next stop: the Squamish stone quarry?

Hapa Collaborative
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