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Vancouver Art Gallery North Plaza Redevelopment

Simon Fraser University Student Union Building

Whistler Village Neighbourhood Improvements

UBC Bookstore

Evergreen Line Station Plazas

Stong’s on Dunbar

Whistler Cultural Connector

Terra Nova Play Experience

Mid Main Park

Foot of Lonsdale Public Plaza

Richmond Railway Corridor

Harbourside Overpass

Hapa Collaborative is a landscape architecture and urban design practice established with placemaking, attentiveness and collaboration in mind.

We see each project as an opportunity to partner, dream big and synthesize ideas wrought from many, often opposing, influences.  Our goal is to evoke the poetry of the place and in doing so reveal something delightful but perhaps previously unseen.  Most of all, we consider Hapa to be a contemporary voice for landscape architecture and a small, agile and fresh alternative to traditional firms.

Hapa Collaborative works within the full breadth of scales from master plans to pocket parks, civic spaces to private residences, streetscapes to green roofs.  However we specifically enjoy addressing the leftover spaces between buildings, applying the principles of landscape urbanism to city-building, site design and community consultation. We like to explore new methods and materials, forge new relationships and ultimately create places that people remember.

Hapa means many things: half, mixed, or hybrid; originally a pejorative term for someone of part Asian ethnicity and, by extension, anything shaped by the collision of cultural influences. Hapa can be defined as an intentional disturbance – an explosion – that creates space for something new.  It is an apt description of Vancouver’s cosmopolitan complexity and an emblem of our own profession’s mixed pedigree: landscape and architecture, art and science, nature and culture. Hapa is also a Japanese word for ‘leaf.’

Our studio of ten designers is a daily collaboration between people with different backgrounds and training, and a mix of skills and specialization.  We love the fact that this mix is present in our design process and is often realized in the final design direction in our work.  Read more about each of our Hapsters through the link below.


Vancouver Art Gallery North Plaza Public Open House this Thursday

Dearest friends and supporters,

We invite you to join us, along with the City of Vancouver, and our consultant team including Nick Milkovich Architects and Matthew Soules Architecture for a public open house for the Vancouver Art Gallery North Plaza.

Where:  UBC Robson Square (800 Robson Street)

When: 5pm to 8pm, Thursday, November 26

You can view the open house boards here on the City of Vancouver website, and find more detailed images and renderings of the space here on our own website.

As someone interested in the urban design of Vancouver, we truly hope you find the time to help us shape a vibrant and active downtown space for the future.


Hapa Collaborative

Out in Front: Landscape Leading Exhibition


Last Thursday, Hapsters Shelley and Jack represented Hapa at the University of Washington Landscape Architecture school’s exhibition Out in Front: Landscape Leading.

The exhibition features projects and practitioners from the Pacific Northwest region: a place that we are proud to be stewards of.

The exhibition will be on until November 19th (with whispers of it travelling to visit other schools in Vancouver and Oregon – stay tuned for more details in the upcoming year!). If you have the time to plan a trip, or are visiting Seattle this week, let us know what you think!

Additional photos from the exhibition here.

HAPA Collaborative Boards (Letter Format)-3HAPA Collaborative Boards (Letter Format)-1 HAPA Collaborative Boards (Letter Format)-4

Hapa Collaborative
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